Administrative Rule #7: Indiana’s legal loophole

Administrative Rule #7 is displayed below verbatim from Indiana’s Administrative Rules
which can be viewed at Indiana’s state website.

Rule 7. Judicial Retention Schedules
A. Authority to Dispose of Records.
Clerks of Circuit Court, Judges and other court officers shall dispose of records in the manner set out in this Rule and in accordance with the retention schedules specified herein. The retention schedules set out in this Rule should be presented to the appropriate county records commission, one time only for informational purposes, before disposal of the records. Prior to disposal of judicial records not listed on this schedule, or if special circumstances necessitate the retention or disposal of judicial records in a manner not set forth in this Rule, a circuit court clerk, judge or other officer of the court must seek written authorization from the Division of State Court Administration to maintain or destroy such records.

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  1. So they can literally hide past and possibly near-present conduct? They have ways of really hiding and making it legal too! how CONvenient. How the hell are you supposed to trust anyone if they can hide like this? good job.

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